Image requirements

File type: JPG and PNG only (mobile device photos and screenshots are JPG by default)

Quality: The higher the image quality the better your donut will come out! We will increase the quality in any scenario to ensure you receive the most crisp resolution possible but anything over 2k or 2560x2560 works great. 1080p is acceptable for most designs as well.

Pro tips:

  • Remember you're design is printed on fabric and cut to a 2.25 inch donut so a 8k logo won't end up being 8k
  • For square designs we recommend 2-4 rows across for a patterned design but this can be dialed in during the drafting process
  • Extremely small words tend to blend together
  • Can't decide on the best donut no problem! You aren't committed to anything until you confirm the final design and purchase the donuts

If you have any questions check out the FAQ page, send us an email or even an Instagram DM