Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered on this page then shoot us an email, DM, or any other contact method listed below!

Obviously the donuts you're ordering are a built-to-order deal. At the moment we outsource the fabric customization which take 1-2 days to ship from the factory, 4-6 days to recieve, usually 1 day turnaround from us, then finally 4-6 days shipping to you. In summary...

Best case scenario: 10 business days from email verification

Worst case scenario: 15 business days

After about a week you should receive an email with a tracking number and estimated delivery day.

There is no scenario where we will ship you messed up donuts. We order every batch with a couple extras just to make sure your shipment arrives on time in perfect condition. However some people can't be pleased so we do accept returns if you agree to return the donuts you received. If it does happen to be our fault then you will most definitely receive a full refund and more...

We will not accept returns for used donuts.

Nope. You can theoretically upload anthing from a black and white design all the way up to a full blown rainbow colored donut. Even actual photographs aren't off limits. Remember it's printed on fabric and going onto a 2.5 inch diameter donut so don't expect a 4k photo to remain 4k.

Stocked orders (anything not customized) are shipped off within 24-36 hours and usually arrive in 4-7 business days depending on location. For custom orders visit this link for more details.

Your tracking number is provided within 48 hours of purchase via email for non custom orders. For custom orders visit this link for shipping details.

Send us an email at with the issue, name, order, purchase date and we will help resolve it ASAP.  

Send an email to with the issue and we will come up with a solution ASAP.

Simply send us an email to with your order details and we will send a return label to you.

Looks like we messed up. Just shoot us an email at with your name, order and purchase date then we can swap you out with the correct donuts and maybe a little something extra...

Easy! Head to the contact section at the very bottom of this page. There you will find our main support email, instagrams, tiktoks, all the ways you can get ahold of us directly!

You can! Email us at with your intentions and order details. We will send you a return label then ship out your new set the next day.

Relax brother just go to the contact link at the bottom of this page and you'll find all the ways you can get ahold of us directly. Email is preferred, Instagram usually works.

100% universal fitment for any style of dirt bike grip. Pillow tops, half waffle, full waffle, lock on, and anything in between will work perfect!

Most ATV thumb throttles will interfere with these oversized grips donuts but they can easily be trimmed with scissors.