Lifetime Warranty Info

What IS covered? Essentially anything less than perfection. Mistakes will happen. We are human. Unlike every other grip donut company, we produce, package and ship every donut by hand at our shop in New Hampshire. Here are some possible errors:

  • Print defects such as ghosting, smudges or black marks
  • Foam defects such as wrinkles, bends, miscuts
  • Lamination defects causing the fabric and foam to seperate


What's NOT covered? At the end of the day grip donuts aren't made of titanium and will fade or wear through at some point so normal wear and tear is inevitable just like any other part of your bike. 


Have an issue? The only thing we want to see before sending a replacement or refund is a picture and description as to how it happened. We don't like making mistakes as much as you don't like receiving mistakes. Email us at with those two things and we'll get you fixed up.