Stocked donut exchange program:

As long as the donuts you ordered are in new condition (ie haven't been ridden with) you can exchange them for any other pair or pairs of equal value.

  1. Email with your order date, name, and desired donuts you'd like to exchange
  2. We will send a shipping label for you to print out
  3. Repackage and drop off at post office
  4. Your new donuts will be sent out as soon as the old ones are in the mail

Return policy:

  • You'll have 30 whole days after the delivery date to decide if you would like to keep your order or not.
  • This policy is voided if the product is installed, worn, damaged or altered after shipment and will be returned to the buyer without a refund.
  • Custom grip donuts cannot be returned unless damaged when received


  • Send an email to to cancel an order. Please include your name, date, ordered items and specify the subject as an "order cancelation".
  • If your item hasn't been shipped you will receive a full refund the same day.
  • If canceled after being shipped we will try to have the shipping company send it back or have you print a return label and send back. However you will receive a refund excluding the shipping fees.

Remember we are human, that means mistakes will be made, but we will do whatever it takes to have a happy customer at the end of the day!